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Introducing Your Spanish Speaking Life Insurance Agent

In my first post, I would like to share with the blog’s visitors some things that are important to me and which distinguish me from other life insurance agents.  I also want to give you a glimpse of the kind of content you can expect when you visit again, hopefully on a regular basis, and especially when you have any questions regarding the opportunities available to you for obtaining a viable life insurance plan for your family.

Tonight, I watched the trailer for “The Latin Explosion: A New America” (HBO Documentary Films) which premieres Monday, November 16th at 9pm, only on HBO.

The subtext of the trailer reads: IN 1950 ONE IN FIFTY AMERICANS WERE LATINO…BY 2050 IT WILL BE ONE IN THREE.

The trailer opens with singer, Ricky Martin saying, “America is the second largest Spanish speaking country in the world…BOOM!”.  As I felt the powerful vibe of the rhythm from the Latin music video style montage of imagery that followed, it struck me how much more important my mission has become.

We are living in legendary times, and for Latinos, there has never been a more opportune time to advance. This is an era when movers and shakers are influencing culture and creating tremendous opportunities for others. As a result, more and more Latinos are achieving financial security, setting down roots and starting families. By the same token, we are seeing an unprecedented migration of Hispanics into the U.S. This boon brings about the need to educate people, whether they are new arrivals in the country or grew up here as citizens or non-citizens.

This is the void I must fill. It is my duty, as a Spanish speaking life insurance agent, to do my part by helping to educate the Hispanic community about the laws and the opportunities available to them for obtaining life insurance. The pursuit of financial security is not only about accumulating wealth, it’s also about giving your children a real sense of security with a viable life insurance plan for their future.


If you’ve ever kept a journal and revisited your previous entries, I’m almost certain you were struck by what you read. It’s as if someone else authored those entries.  Your goals were different; your outlook of the future, filled with fervor and expectations. So you think, “if only I knew then what I know now, I would do some things better.” That’s a natural reaction for anyone because we carry with us the lessons we learn from our experiences and failures. Like humans, life insurance is constantly evolving. As things change and new demands arise, those of us in the field must adjust to meet those demands.

One of those demands which cannot be ignored comes from the growing Hispanic population in the United States. A large percentage of the Hispanic demographic is not clear on how much life insurance is needed or what plan a particular family might need. I am talking about a population of 52 million in the United States, outnumbering the population of Canada. They could number 79 million by 2030, nearly one quarter of the U.S. population, according to census data.

Serving and informing the Hispanic community is my mission and I hope you use this blog as an educational resource and a way to connect with me, your Spanish speaking life insurance agent.

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