Senior Citizens

senior-3Senior citizens need life insurance regardless of their financial circumstances. Life insurance for senior citizens is an underrated necessity. From our homes to our vehicles, it’s imperative that we insure every aspect of our lives. Yet, when it comes to insuring life itself, we tend to have a handful of excuses for not doing so. As a senior you may feel that you no longer qualify for adequate life insurance. Or, maybe you’re confident that your assets are capable of covering any financial obligation upon your death.


senior-1Regardless the reason, there’s never an acceptable one for not possessing a proper life insurance policy. Once you’re aware of the benefits, the next steps are simple when considering the overall gain in which it provides. Now think about it, you don’t just owe it to yourself to have life insurance, but to your love one’s you leave behind. Insuring your  life today, insures their future tomorrow. When a family member must mourn the death of a loved one, money, debt and funeral expenses should be the very last of their concerns. Life insurance for senior citizens is imperative for the complete assurance of your family’s financial security.  


Only 62 percent of this nation’s population has a life  insurance plan. It’s a scary thought when you consider what’s at stake. Senior citizens need life insurance, they’re among the 38 percent who lack coverage.


Many believe that life-insurance is too pricey and therefore consider it an extra expense. Some individuals, such as senior citizens, are under the misconception that their age disqualifies them as a life insurance recipient. The most common belief among senior citizen, is their liquidated assets will be enough to sustain their family’s life.

Now let’s clarify these beliefs here and now before they cause you and your love ones a preventable, yet irreversible  hardship. Here are (?) things to considering when deciding whether or not, to invest in life insurance.


There is No Guarantee You’ll Have Enough Liquidated Assets


So, you worked your entire life, and as a result you have all the financial assets the American Dream has to senior-2offer, right? Well, you just might have an impressive amount of assets upon death. However, there is no asset which is can withstand a shaky economy. As the American economy continues to fluctuate, your assets appreciate only to then depreciate during a poor economy. The only way to guarantee that your family will financially thrive despite such circumstances, is to realize that you as a senior citizen, need life insurance. This way, no matter where the American economy stands, you have comfort in knowing your family is secure through your life insurance payout.


Senior citizens need life insurance to offer a tax free payout to their survivors. Nearly every investment you own will be distributed to both your beneficiary and Uncle Sam. The IRS can take up to 35% of every dollar you leave to your descendants. Whether it’s 10’s of 1000s or 100s of 1000’s, your annuities, retirement plans, and 401k’s will be granted to your family, after the government takes their cut. So it only makes sense to possess at least one untouchable investment. Permanent life insurance is will always remain tax fee

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