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California Life Insurance Agent

California Life Insurance Agent

Allot of the times my clients will ask me how am I different from a State Farm or Farmers Insurance agency when it comes to offering Life Insurance.  So in this blog I am going to tell you why I’m the experienced California life insurance agent you want to help you with your life insurance needs, Specially if you are primarily Spanish speaking . One of the biggest advantages that you get with me is that I’m an independent insurance agent who speaks Spanish.  I represent over 30 different insurance companies.  Since I’m not a captive agent with just one carrier (like State Farm, Farmers or New York Life) I’m able to look for the company who will give you the best rating, and therefore, find you the absolute lowest price available.

Life Insurance Agent In California

I have been a licensed Life Insurance agent in the state of California for over 4 years. I own and operate the website I’ve been helping people with their insurance needs and this is all I do.  There are allot of wannabe agents out there, and it’s important you don’t get mixed up with someone who is not in it for the long run.

My Promise as a California Life Insurance Agent:

I honestly believe that people looking for life insurance need someone who is looking out for their best interest, and not the interest of the insurance companies.  That’s me.  When I help you and your family with a life insurance policy, my job has just begun.  I am a believer of having a client for life, and the way that I do that is by making sure I grow along side with your family and assist with all the changes a family goes through in their lifetime. That means the moment you become my client, you’re my friend and client for life.  I was born in East Los Angeles and I plan to live here and sell life insurance in California the rest of my life.

My promise to stay friends with you is so important because you may need me.  You may have a question about your policy or there might be a claim. I am a fluent Spanish speaking life insurance agent and my goal is to educate and inform the Latino community here.  I love it here.  I love this job, and I plan to retire as a life agent.  You don’t want an agent that you won’t be able to find 10 years from now.

The benefits of having a Spanish speaking independent life insurance agent

In my first post (Introducing Your Spanish Speaking Life Insurance Agent) since I started this blog, I touched on the growth of the Latin population as well as their influence in culture and commerce. I pointed readers’ attention to the documentary produced by HBO Documentary Films. Certainly, when HBO sets out to film a documentary about Latinos, it’s a sign that something significant is taking place. By the time of this post, the film will have most likely premiered on HBO. If you have yet to see it, look for it. It’s inspirational, to say the least.

Lets say you have company A (Pacific Life) and company B (Foresters).  Company A will not offer life insurance to undocumented immigrants, or if they do it will be at a higher monthly payment. While company B will offer you a lower monthly payment.  Say you have high blood pressure and I know a certain company is more favorable to high blood pressure than another company.  Well, I might have you apply to the more favorable company if I know that you can actually get preferred with them.  So you see, I save you time and money by researching your age, health, and immigration status by having you apply to the right company the first time.


The bottom line is that I love what I do, and am very good at what I do.  I would love to be the California life insurance agent who you trust for your life insurance needs.  844-652-9153


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David Pearce

Do you partner with or split cases with other agents? I have a base of Spanish speaking warm leads with some wanting quotes right now. Also, I’m a believer in Permanent insurance, primarily IULs, although it’s not a fit for everyone.
Please call me if you are interested in working together.

Warm Regards,

David Pearce
CA Lic. # 0820***

November 11, 2017 at 3:24 am
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