Why I purchased a 2.5 million dollar policy

There is nothing more invigorating than sitting around a dinner table with guests and talking about life insurance. Okay, just kidding. It might not be invigorating, but it is something that I wish people would talk about more. Why is that? Because far too many people still don’t have any life insurance at all, and […]

Transamerica Life Insurance

Transamerica Life Insurance

TRANSAMERICA LIFE INSURANCE If you have ever been to San Francisco, then you have seen the big Transamerica tower (it’s the one that looks like a pyramid). Transamerica is a company that remains at the top of their industry, making them one of the top 10 best life insurance companies in America. With a strong foundation and competitive rates, […]

Spanish Speaking LifeInsurance Agent

Spanish speaking life insurance agent

Introducing Your Spanish Speaking Life Insurance Agent In my first post, I would like to share with the blog’s visitors some things that are important to me and which distinguish me from other life insurance agents.  I also want to give you a glimpse of the kind of content you can expect when you visit […]

California Life Insurance Agent

California Life Insurance Agent Allot of the times my clients will ask me how am I different from a State Farm or Farmers Insurance agency when it comes to offering Life Insurance.  So in this blog I am going to tell you why I’m the experienced California life insurance agent you want to help you […]

Life Insurance Without A SSN

Yes! You Can Get Life Insurance If You Do not Have A SSN A lot of us don’t even bother asking or looking for Life Insurance just because we either don’t have a SSN or if we do, (lets be honest) we just don’t know where to get the information. And for many unauthorized immigrants living […]