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What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a simple answer to a very difficult question:
How will my family manage financially when I die? It’s a subject no one really wants to think about. But if someone depends on you financially, it’s one you cannot avoid.

There are many types of life insurance, but for all of them the bottom line is the same: They pay cash to your family after you die, allowing loved ones to remain financially secure. Life insurance payments can be used to cover daily living expenses, mortgage payments, outstanding loans, college tuition and other essential expenses. And, importantly, the death-benefit proceeds of a life insurance policy are almost never subject to federal income taxes.

If you’ve worked hard to establish a solid financial framework for your family—investments, home equity, a savings plan, retirement accounts— life insurance is the foundation upon which it all rests. It can guard against the need for your loved ones to make drastic changes to future plans when you die. Certain types of life insurance even have a built-in cash-accumulation feature that can help you reach savings goals.

Most Americans need life insurance, and many who already have it may need to update their coverage.


Life insurance Online with an Independent Life Insurance Agent

Comparing life insurance quotes online with an independent life insurance agent can save you time and money. We understand that life insurance is not the easiest thing to shop around for, but when you have over 40 different life insurance companies to compare from at your finger tips, its as easy as 1,2,3. With the help of the Internet it is not hard to compare life insurance quotes completely online from the comfort of your home. So let’s look at a few benefits that you get when comparing life insurance quotes online with an independent and experience life insurance agent.


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We only provide rates from the nation’s best life insurance companies. When we say the best we mean that the term life insurance quotes we provide are from life insurance companies with an A.M. Best rating of A or better. A.M. Best ratings are letter grades given to life insurance companies that are based on the insurance companies’ ability to meet their obligations to the policyholder.




Free quotes rom the comfort of your own home
Free Quotes From The Comfort of Your own Home

You need life insurance rates but don’t want to visit an insurance office or spend time on the telephone talking with a salesman. Using our instant life insurance quotes form will allow you to compare term life insurance rates from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you have internet access. Best of all, you don’t need to submit any personal contact information to start comparing rates!




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We help you get the best rate!

You need to know how to buy life insurance if you want to leave your family the most coverage at the lowest cost. I will help you determine how to get the lowest cost and the right insurance company that fits your needs. I will help you understand if you should buy term life insurance or buy permanent life insurance. I will also teach you how to get the best price when you buy life insurance.  I have helped – and continue to help – families secure, collectively, hundreds of millions of dollars in life insurance protection.

We Can Help You Qualify for Life Insurance Without Having a Social Security Number

One of the bigger advantages when working with an independent agent is that we can get you coverage regardless of your immigration status. Often times we don’t even bother looking for coverage simply because we think its not attainable due to our residency status. We are very knowledgeable and have a hand full of companies that will approve and issue a life insurance policy for non-us residents.